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Phillip Nicozisis

I’ve tried so many CBD products, but the [Transparent CBD] soft gels worked immediately for my muscle soreness and tightness of breath. I can forget the rest. Leaf Relief all the way!

Combat Veteran "Mr. X"

Leaf Relief was just informed that we have saved a veterans arm from amputation with the samples I gave to Guardian Angels. Within 10 days of administering 25 mg softgels, the Veteran's Bursitis has gone down 50%. The docs now say there is no need to amputate. This is for a combat veteran with a bullet injury to the elbow.

Combat War Veteran

Captain Mike (Tyger) is now off of his 12 hour time release morphine. He is now opiod free! The Transparent CBD softgels will save lives for those who are sick and depressed from the yo-yo effect of opoids. CBD works and I am now Opiate free."

Desi Bryan

I came in for my doctor appointment. There was no wait. The doctor was professional. The Leaf Relief staff is super knowledgeable and friendly! Leaf Relief LLC is highly recommended and is extremely professional.

Ria Swift

Had a client purchase the tincture for stomach pain. She took it midafternoon and was thrilled to find no pain the next morning. Pretty impressive. Open Source Healing.

Carlos Jaramillo

Leaf Relief offered me a softgel sample while shopping on Clematis Street. I tried one before bed and I slept all night for the first time in years! I finally found real CBD! Thank you Leaf Relief

Raymon Dejean

I really love Leaf Relief soft gels. They make me at ease with depression, anxiety, and sleep. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Anna J

I've been using the 500 mg CBD tincture for a few weeks now and I love it! Helps with anxiety and pain. It’s easy to take, works quickly. I recommend it. The mint flavor is nice.

Mark Kessler

I found the doctor and staff very helpful.

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